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Games From The Black Hole

Live A Live – An episodic odyssey

In the late Nineties when I got online for the first time and started discovering emulators, my eyes were opened wide to the joy of Super Nintendo RPGs. I’d sampled a couple here in the UK. Secret Of Mana was a revelation and stealth Final Fantasy release Mystic Quest: Legend was, er, another RPG we could buy. But in those early days of the net, I discovered a world of adventure. Proper Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, Harvest Moon… It felt like an unending supply of amazing games. And that’s before I even got into fan translations…

Tempest 3000 – Welcome to the machine

Some time in the early 2000s, I remember reading an anniversary issue of EDGE magazine that statistically determined which was the best games console available, based entirely on the average score of all games reviewed. Technically it was the Nuon that came out on top, because EDGE had only ever reviewed one of the system’s small handful of games, Jeff Minter’s 9/10 scoring Tempest 3000. It’s fair to say my interest was piqued!

Credits and Capers – The 25ish games of Lupin The Third

First published in 1967, Lupin The Third is one of Japan’s most prolific pop culture icons and international exports. Conceived as a spiritual descendant of French literary thief, Arsène Lupin, and created by the amusingly named Japanese comic artist Monkey Punch, Lupin The Third started life in the pages of a weekly comic but soon became so popular he appeared in hundreds of episodes of TV anime, scores of films spanning both live action and animation and, of course, several videogames.