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Games From The Black Hole

Mother 3 – Never not funny

I can still remember the first time I heard about Mother 3. It was long before I’d heard of Earthbound, and may even be before I’d played any RPG. It was in the news pages of Computer & Video Games magazine, previewed as Earthbound 64, an upcoming RPG for the N64’s forthcoming disk drive add-on,…

GoldenEye 007 and the death of the Doom clone

GoldenEye 007 is largely remembered for its multiplayer mode, and rightly so. As a teenager my social gaming time was dominated by the N64 and its four controller ports, and it was GoldenEye we kept returning to for hours on end, after school, at weekends, in school holidays and even the occasional lunch break if…

Suzuki Bakuhatsu – A bit special

One of my favourite online game stores, the wonderful Genki Videogames, classifies certain titles under the genre of “a bit special”. These tend to be games that defy convention or offer an experience so unique it’s impossible to classify. In actual fact, Suzuki Bakuhatsu isn’t one of those games. Genki accurately describes it as a…

Christmas Lemmings – Oh Yes! More Lemmings

Last Christmas, I wrote about how much the annual tradition of playing Christmas NiGHTS has meant to me. But this year, as a change of pace, I decided to play the original Christmas themed videogame spin-off, Christmas Lemmings. Which, funnily enough, was a big inspiration on Christmas NiGHTS.